Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

I've been trying to look for new recipes that my picky family will like.  I was craving Mexican food when I came across this recipe and thought I would give it a try.  The first time I made it I didn't use as much of the spices that were called for (completely leaving some out even) because I was worried nobody would eat it.  It wasn't bad, but I have since made it as the recipe calls for (well, almost) and they are delicious.  I got the recipe from Our Best Bites and it can be found here.

A few things I did differently:
Completely left out the green salsa, mostly because I was just too lazy to look for it at the store.
Left out the green onions, because green onions are gross.
Instead of using Pepperjack cheese I bought a mexican cheese blend. It's easier for me to use leftover mexican cheese blend than just straight pepperjack cheese.
Also, the first time I made these I used white corn tortillas.  They were good, but it was a lot of work to microwave a few, then fill, then roll. This last week I tried mini white tortillas and they were delicious!  I didn't have to heat them and they rolled up perfectly with no cracking.  In my opinion they were much crispier, too.  And my family far preferred the taste of white versus corn.
Another pro: you can make the filling ahead of time and refrigerate until ready.  I was tempted last time to make a double batch and see if it would freeze well, but I didn't have enough chicken.
All in all it was a deliciously satisfying dish that my family loved. 

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Hayley said...

Sorry girls, I had some problems publishing this. There was a picture I took off Our Best Bites website but I think it was causing the problems, so just follow the link!